Manufacturer of organic bread with mountain spring from the Alps
Since 1984
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Become distributor...

... of fresh breads


To offer a fresh bread all the day long to the customers, we equip our partners with a cooking terminal.
Our biological breads and pastries are frozen in heart to protect all their nutritional qualities and their flavour. The shelf life of these specialties is 6 months as from the manufacturing date.


... of atmosphere breads


These breads are preserved under protective atmosphere in the aim to guarantee an equivalent quality to our fresh breads, via a rigorous process.

Optain information
A turnkey service
We make a commitment on: the cooking terminal installation, our partner's on place formation, the delivery of a know how to make manual worker, the Fournil commitment over 5 years, the follow-up of our clientele.
This packaging interest
A varied range with products intended for the self-service with units of sale adapted to the consumer, a shelf life of 150 days at room temperature and 8 days after opening in the refrigerator, an ease of use : a cooked bread in 15 minutes at 180°C.